The Doodled style is intended to have a casual hand drawn feel.

This is one of the “Pix and Mix” website styles from Jane B Website Help. I should stress that I am not selling you a theme or template; I am providing a service where I set up a simple WordPress website for you using a customised version of the free GeneratePress theme and a selection of useful plugins (including the GeneratePress Premium add-ons package).

To make deciding on the look of your new website less overwhelming, I give you several options about the style, colour scheme etc to choose from. Once I hand the site over to you, you’ll be able to change and update it whenever you like.

You will need to have purchased hosting which supports self hosted WordPress (not WordPress.com) and have either installed WordPress yourself or be prepared to give me access to your control panel so that I can install it for you.

You can send me any images and text you’d like me to include (you can change these later so don’t worry too much about perfecting the wording).

You’ll also need to tell me a little about your business / organisation, why you want a website and what actions you want people to take as a result of visiting the site. Ideally, you’ll give me links to a few other sites and tell me what it is about them that you like or dislike. Let me know if there are any features (e.g. a slideshow or map) that you particularly want to include. Then I will add the content you’ve sent me to the site in a way that I feel makes sense. This will give you a starting point that you’ll be able to add amend yourself.