• Bullet points look like this

Horizontal dividing lines are like this –

Blog post separators look like this –

The “more tag” link is like this –

Featured images for posts have rounded corners and a double border. There is a class you can use to apply this look to other images as shown here:

Apart from the items listed above, with a few small exceptions, the illustrations you see on this demo website are just to give you an idea of things you could include (the thought bubble and icons on the homepage, for example.)

You may find that the graphical elements I’ve included are enough to give a subtle hand drawn feel to your site, but I can also incorporate graphics that you supply. Note: you should always check the license when purchasing graphics to ensure that you are able to for use the images commercially.

Violet LeBeaux at Creative Market has a large selection of illustrations, including the stationery, school and art vectors that I used on the homepage of this site.

Julia Dreams at The Hungry JPEG has various graphical elements available such as this cupcake.

This frame by redchocolate at Creative Market was added to an image before uploading it to WordPress.

Watercolour illustrations, such as this flower by Elisa Ursa also work well with this style

Creating illustrations for you, or finding and purchasing graphical elements, is not included in my standard price for building your website. But if you find an image you like and would like to know whether it’s suitable, I would be happy to give you my opinion before you purchase it.

Once I have handed over the website to you, you will be free to add pictures yourself, so there is no immediate pressure to come up with graphics beforehand.